Cool Apartment Ideas – Small is Beautiful

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Years ago, the idea of having a nice pad meant having a large one, but times have changed and we have entered the era of the small, cool apartment. This is especially true for bachelors and those who have day jobs that are situated far away from the family home.

Why is small beautiful? For those who lead busy lives (and who doesn’t nowadays?), small apartments mean easier and less time-consuming cleaning and maintenance. The rents are usually lower, it’s much easier and cheaper to decorate it exactly to your tastes, renovations are less of a pain, and it’s better for the environment. You need fewer lights, less power for cooling or heating, less water to use for cleaning, and therefore you positively domino into a smaller and smaller carbon footprint lifestyle. Small doesn’t necessarily mean spartan though, and today’s compact and cool apartment can be just as comfy, and with just a little effort you’ll come home with a smile on your face every time!

Step one, and this is a biggie, is something of a personality tweak for the better. In fact many personality improvement courses start with this golden piece of advice, namely: Get Rid Of The Junk. It’s almost zen-like in its simplicity, but the effect, if you even try to achieve it, is life-changing. Do you really need all that stuff? Really, think about it. Most of the things we cling on to is exactly that: junk. Of course what we really want out of these things are the memories they hold, but even that can be done better with a journal. Get a nice notebook and a pen and start writing your memories down, or start a blog. Take every piece of junk (or memory-thing) that you own, write about it, and then toss it or sell it. Your life’s baggage will be so much lighter, you’ll have a journal to be proud of, and your apartment will have all that extra space.

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Next, focus on small furniture. If you’re still in the process of completing your necessary pieces, think simple, small, light. Stacking chairs, a folding extra table, even a bed that folds into a sofa is good, does double duty, and saves space. If you want pizazz, go for color, not sprawl. As with anything, be deliberate about each item you plan to bring into your space. There’s really no hurry so try not to buy on impulse – not only will this get you furniture that fits and which you like, but you’ll save money as well and be well on your way to being “junk-free.”

Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas

For those living in apartments, the bathroom is usually a stark and white place. People renting apartments cannot paint the walls or add fixtures as they wish. Apartment bathroom decorating ideas are not limited to painting and installing new fixtures. There are many apartment bathroom decorating ideas which can spruce up your bathroom and make it look colorful, clean and fresh.

The first step is to think of ways to de-clutter your bathroom. If you are the kind who uses an array of crams, lotions and so on, it would be a god idea to get a bathroom cabinet. You can even make one yourself or buy one and paint it as you wish. It will add a splash of color to your bathroom. If your landlord permits, ask if you can get a shelf built in. Arrange items like soap, shampoos, oils etc neatly on the shelf. If you can’t get a shelf, buy a tray to hold your stuff. This will prevent clutter from accumulating on counters.

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If your bathroom is small, place towel racks behind the door. On the other hand if your towel rack is already affixed, add a dash of color to your bathroom by using bright, colorful towels with print or patterns. The shower curtain need not be white or cream either. You can choose bright colored ones too. Make sure the color of the shower curtain, the towels and the overall color scheme of the bathroom match or you will have a melee of colors with hint sense of art or style. Include plenty of mirrors to give the bathroom an element of space.

These days, vinyl appliques are becoming really trendy accessories for decorating bathrooms. You can buy a design of your choice and apply it on the mirror or shelves or use it to design tiles. If you decide to get rid of them, just heat it for a while and it will peel off by itself.

Keep your bathroom stylish yet functional. Use nice soap dispensers or soap trays. Colorful soaps shaped like fruits or shells add charm to your bathroom. You can also accessorize your bathroom using rugs, potted plants or even paintings.

Home Decorating Ideas – Decorating Small Rooms Is Easy

Decorating small houses or apartments can be quite challenging when it comes to creating innovative home decorating ideas. You can make life a lot easier by choosing certain home decorating ideas and incorporating them into space-challenged areas.

Avoiding the cluttered look is the biggest problem you can face while trying to decorate small rooms and spaces. You can avoid this problem by reducing the number of paintings in the room, using the same color throughout the room, using window coverings such as blinds rather than curtains, repositioning photographs to a central location in the hallway and maintaining a perfect color scheme between adjacent rooms.

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Home decorating ideas for multi-use areas involve the use of the same color variations within the same room, while painting the walls that you want to stand out in an accent color. This will help divide the rooms visually.

Proper preparation prior to painting is very important. The graduated paint color sample cards from the paint manufactures will facilitate color coordination and improve the end results of your project. The utilization of accessories and throw pillows of the accent color of your choice will pull the entire area together. You can also emphasize a specific color in one area of your apartment or small house.

A reliable approach to solving storage issues when decorating small rooms is to incorporate multi-use furnishings. A good example would be to use a coffee table and virtually use it as a wooden box that has a top that opens and closes. This can be utilized for storing things or for displaying home accessories. There definitely is no shortage of both new and second-hand multi-use furnishings in the marketplace today.

Another effective way in which to get stuff off of the floor in small spaces is to make the most of handsome shelving. To begin with, place small knick-knacks in a pretty box or basket and put it on a shelf. If you like it, add more shelves to provide additional, attractive storage.

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